So Tired

I’m approaching the tail end of the first week of the 2nd month of my squat cycle and it has been a rough one. Shifting from the large amount of volume last month to this heavier month has been a tough adjustment. On day 1 I had to hit 305# x 6. While it was heavy it wasn’t feeling impossible, but once I finished that set, my legs were instantly fatigued. Really not looking forward to 315# x 6. This cycle is proving to be as mentally tough as it is physical.

How much for Month 3?

Still too early to tell, but I think I’ll be able to successfully hit 325# x 6 at the end of this month, which makes me comfortable with testing a 1RM of 340# to start out month 3. That means I’ll be ending on 360# for month 3, a 15# Personal Record (PR) for me. I can live with that.

Coming off of sickness

I’ve had a cold for the better part of a couple weeks, and it has been kicking my butt. I think that I’m finally on the tail end of it and just in time for the weight to really go up. Was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to go all out in the upcoming weeks, but I think I’ll be just fine by then.

Overall, good week so far of lifting and WOD’s. More updates to come.